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Purple Glow

A.Q.Miren Imagine Another World

What does “imagine another world” mean?

It means imagine a world or life different from your own. Step into it and forget the troubles of your world.

A.Q.Miren (pronounced A-Q-Mee-ren), creating worlds with unique reactions and the most relatable but morally ambiguous characters. From there, I recreate emotional connections between characters and the readers. Every character holds some piece of me from the goddess down to her own characters, nature and gemstones and all things in between.

The worlds I create center around my characters, their magic, natural power, the effects of the moon and night upon that. From the governments to the religions, you will find every aspect of the world affecting all my characters in some form. From discrimination to the religious temples, to the natural environment, weather, and all things in between.

When creating my characters, I put them through many situations, both easy and difficult. Within those situations, I take a moment to be in their shoes as who they are, whether emotionally absent or forever in tears. I immerse myself in their history and, for that moment, become them as I write their story from beginning to end.

If I was Michael Tensha, who came into a world far different from the onyx world, I lived only to find out an author created me. How would I react to this new reality?

If I was Selene Hellshire, faced with the realities of being unloved by my own parents, a victim of constant bullying. How would I fight back?

If I was the goddess reincarnate Rekisha, who dislikes religion, wanting to deny my fates for as long as possible. How would I do that?

When I created my tagline “Imagine another world”, I wanted you as the reader to experience not only the worlds I create but the characters that live in them. the lifestyles, the adventures, the flaws, the pain, the love moments, the wholesome moments, and so much more. Whether you are an avid reader or a new reader, my imagination goes far and wide to create the most relatable characters you may love to hate or hate to love.

I welcome you to join me in the worlds I create through my stories and bond with the characters that I create.

I hold my hand out to you. Will you take it?


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