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Purple Glow

I have a dream. Will you listen?

Some days I have dreams that make me want to write for a moment. Here is one worth more than the words I write.

A storm rumbles in the distance yet it is silent in her ears. She stands on this road yet again. The same road that threw her through turmoil and pain. "I had a dream, yet no one would listen." A tear drop, a second one fell down her cheeks. The book in front of her spoke volumes of what her life did and did not have. A lone pen dropped in front of her, and she knelt. "A pen?" A male stood before her. "Write. You need to write." She looked at this male, she knew him but didn’t. "You're…A…" He spoke again, in a firmer tone. "Write. You know you need to." She looked at the book. "What do I…" Her mind fell blank but her hand grasped the pen and began to write.

I had a dream that no one would listen to

No matter what I did, no one would listen.

My Dream, My Dream

My voice made no sound, no one cared.

I had a dream that no one would listen to

No matter what I did, no one cared.

Here I am, back at the beginning.

You want to hear? Here it is.

I wanted to travel the world with the money I made.

I would pay for someone to go with me, even a single dad with his kid.

I wanted to make someone's day a little brighter, help those willing to help themselves.

I don’t know how I will make this happen but it’s a dream.

No one listens, no one cares, no one wants to help make that happen.

The best I will get is an offer not followed through.

Huh, this familiar path once again.

I had a dream that no one would listen to…

"No one but God himself. Why do you believe that?"

The handwriting came to a halt. She looked at the male before her. "You're still here." He sat down next to her. "This is good but let me remind you that god is always listening." She dropped the pen. "God left me a long time ago. He left me to suffer alone as everyone else did."

He took her hand. "Are you sure he left you or you left him?" She pulls her hand away from him, stands and turns her head to the sky. "He left me when I believed in him the most. Left me to lose my heart. I had a dream that no one would listen to." The man stood abruptly, grabbed her wrists, holding them firmly. "Why do you think I am here?! God sent me to listen to you. He told me you needed help! Why do you not understand?" She looked at him incredulously. "I know you because you rejected me many years ago. You claim God sent you to listen to me. Such foolishness." She tried to pull her wrists away. "Let go of me!" The man pulled her into a hug. "Please." The soft voice stilled her. He was so firm in his conviction, why was he suddenly soft, yet desperate? "I know you don't have a strong faith in god but trust me when I say that I am here for a reason. God did hear you which is why I am here." She was stunned. "You stated you rarely spend your time with just anyone. Don't bother with me if you aren't going to care. I don’t need that." He let go of her, the hurt reflected in his eyes. "You are right that I rarely spend my time with just anyone but isn't it worth something that I want to spend my time with you? I want to listen to you, hear your mind, see what I didn’t see before." She pulled away from him, her voice just above a whisper. "Liar. Stop lying to me. Al…" she couldn’t even say his name. She suddenly couldn’t remember him and then her vision blacked out as she collapsed.

When she awoke, she saw the book but not the man from before. "As they all do…" She muttered softly; the usual pain lurked in her stomach as she sat up. She saw a different writing in her book. "God heard you and he'll continue sending someone to you until you get it." She stared at the words, a blank expression crossing her face. "Well, I guess he'll try again."


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