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Purple Glow

Snippet from My Heart or my Money

“You had an amazing job with great pay and benefits, and you throw it all away to start your life as a broke author? I will not have this. Don’t come home unless you take your job back and you give this marriage a second thought!” Henrietta never wanted to fight with her husband.

She had it all, a great lifestyle, amazing job with benefits, the perfect husband as many told her. All she saw was misery. She wanted to do what she loved most. She had confided as much in her parents who told her that if it is what she truly wanted, she needed to pursue it. Hell or high water. She walked the streets on a silent moonless night.

The few cars that drove by didn’t stop to check on the female walking alone. No one bothered until a car stopped next to her. The window rolled down. “Henrietta?” Henrietta turned to meet the eyes of her former boss whom she had turned her resignation letter to. “Seth.” Seth sighed. “Get in the car. I will take you home.” Henrietta shook her head. “I have no home. My husband kicked me out for quitting my job.” Seth tilted his head. “Come stay at my place at least for the evening. We can talk about it.”

Henrietta knew in her head this was probably a poor idea but what options did she have?” She stepped into the car, closed the door, and Seth drove off back to his home. “I never imagined I would run into you like this.”

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