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Purple Glow

Snippet from Written Moments called Dear Entrepreneur

“You have no faith in me to succeed as an entrepreneur.”

The same bittersweet words that are ignorant and blind to what we really feel

In frank honesty, you slapped us in the face with those words.

We who have paid our time and dues know what it costs to succeed.

We also bear witness to those in our family that did start their own businesses much later in life.

It’s not that we do not have faith. We are realistic but still pursue the result we still want.

Realism is knowing the failure may happen and steeling oneself to stand against that failure.

I wonder sometimes what will happen if you realize it doesn’t work for you, but it works for others?

I have posed the question once before, but I have heard my father pose it many of times.

“Do you understand who you are serving?”

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