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Purple Glow

A scene from Goddess & Her Characters series: Broken Existence

“You didn’t deserve this, Michael.” The words were hollow to his ears. Just another piteous attempt to console his grieving heart. Rekisha had left him. His own author abandoned him to a city he never wanted. Michael, you need to move on without me. I know you can. I am not meant for this world. Michael covered his face with his hands, the tears hot as they flowed down his cheeks. He never wanted this. He was angry with his author, but he never wanted her to leave. Not like this.

A hand came to rest on his shoulders, and he shook it off, furious that it wouldn’t leave him alone. “Just go away.” The hand returned again, and he moved away facing the very female he didn’t want to speak to. “Aurora, fuck off. I don’t need your damn pity!” Aurora faced him and he saw nothing but determination in her eyes. Why? His mind screamed. He moved back and Aurora’s arms were around him, holding him tightly. “Michael, enough.” Her voice was soft and comforting. Why was she being so kind to him? Michael was perplexed by it all and he tried to push her away but couldn’t find the strength he just had before. “Why?” A blood curdling sob escaped his lips as he felt the gentle hands rub up and down his back. He rested his head on her left shoulder, keeping his head turned away as the tears continued. He felt Aurora’s lips against his neck, murmuring soft comforting words though he did not hear them. Within moments, she maneuvered him to a bench. “Sit down Michael. Let’s talk about this.”

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